Seminar of the new round of Accreditation of Medical Education Successfully Held

Time:2021-07-23 09:53:00     Source:     Visited:989

On July 20th, the "seminar of the new round of accreditation of medical education" hosted by WCAME and undertaken by Xiangnan University was successfully held in Chenzhou city, Hunan Province. More than 30 teachers from the team chairs of assessment teams and relevant schools attended the meeting. The meeting focused on the new round of accreditation implementation plan, accreditation core quality indicators, team chair’s responsibilities and accreditation report writing. The experts fully communicated and reached a high degree of consensus.

          First of all, Xie Ana, secretary general of WCAME and executive deputy Director of The Institute of Medical Education of Peking University, introduced the new round of accreditation implementation plan.Based on the review of the first round of accreditation, she focused on the principles, scope, process and conclusions of the new round of accreditation changes.

           Lv Zhaofeng, counselor of WCAME and former president of Capital Medical University, summarized the relevant principles of accreditation of medical education, and analyzed the core indicators and key points of school running in the standard ten areas from the perspective of on-site investigation and evidence.

           Li Mengfeng,deputy directors of WCAME and president of Southern Medical University, summarized the work process and related responsibilities of the team chair based on the experience of the accreditation of Central South University, and put forward the important contents that the group leader should pay attention to in each link of the work.

           Finally, Wang Weimin, director of WCAME and deputy director of Peking University Health Science Center, shared his experience in writing the preliminary report and accreditation report, summarized the deficiencies in the current accreditation report and put forward relevant suggestions.

           Participating experts carried out in-depth discussions at various levels about the new round of accreditation implementation plan. This conference has laid a solid foundation and pointed out the direction for steadily promoting the new round of accreditation, which is of great significance for improving the quality of medical education in the new era and improving the accreditation system of medical education.

Secretariat of Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education
July 23, 2021