The Site Visits of Accreditation of Medical Program in Ten Medical Schools Has Finished Successfully

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In 2021, The Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education (WCAME) conducted site visits of this year in accordance with the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control issued by the National Center for Health Professionals Education Development (NCHPED). The Working Committee fully communicated with the accredited schools about the Accreditation process and requirements, selected and set up assessment teams based on the epidemic prevention and control situation, and implemented site visits to 10 medical schools according to Accreditation Standards for Basic Medical Education in China. Among them, China Medical University is in the process of the second round of accreditation. Another seven schools have postponed site visits to 2022 due to the COVID-19 situation.

The accredited schools made a comprehensive and objective review of their medical education by comparing the domains and sub-domains in the Standards, and submitted a self-evaluation report to the secretariat of WCAME and members of the  assessment team one month before the site visit. On the basis of carefully reviewing the self-evaluation reports, through site visit, communications among college leaders, teachers, students, teaching administrators and stakeholders who come from various aspects, on-site inspection, listening to the report, and viewing courses, referencing to the domains and sub-domains on the Standards and analyzing the accredited schools’ strengths and weaknesses of theirl medical education. The assessment teams developed the preliminary reporst and fed back to the schools. The accreditation teams will complete the final accreditation reports within two months after the site visit. The final accreditation reports will be submitted to WCAME for review after seeking the opinions of the school to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the facts and data. Up to now, WCAME has completed site visits of accreditation of the medical education programmes in 132 schools (135 times).

2021 is the year of the full launch of the new round of accreditation of medical education. A new round of accreditation is under the guidance of the principle: "voluntary application, strict access, optimized improve, sustainable development", by the lights of the international standard and optimizing process, more attention will be paid to the quality of professional construction and the core problem of talent training. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, WCAME will continue to improve the accreditation process, focus on the quality of medical education, and continue to promote the accreditation of medical education, so as to better serve the "Healthy China" strategy and enhance its international influence.

Shandong First Medical University (May 9-13, 2021)

Jiaying University (May 9-13, 2021)

Qilu Medical University(May 16-20, 2021)

Fudan University (May 23-27, 2021)

Hubei University of Arts and Science (May 23-27, 2021)

Hubei Polytechnic University (May 23-27, 2021)

Tsinghua University(October 10-14, 2021)

China Medical University(Oct. 17-21, 2021)

Henan University (Oct. 17-21, 2021)

Beihua University (Oct. 24-28, 2021)

Secretariat of the Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education
December 24, 2021