The second session of 2021 Annual Meeting of Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education was Held

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     On September 18th, 2021, the second session of 2021 annual meeting of working committee for the accreditation of medical education was held online. More than 30 people, including members of WCAME, 6 team chairs of the assessment team in the first half of 2021, and representatives of Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Educations attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xie Ana, Secretary-General of Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education (WCAME) .

     At the beginning of the meeting, Xie Ana reported on the work completed in the first half of 2021 and the work plan for the second half of 2021. Subsequently, the conference reviewed accreditation reports and conclusion recommendations of 6 schools, including Fudan University and so on, and the extension of the validity period of the accreditation of 11 schools, including North China University of Science and Technology and so on. Participating members combined with the team chairs' introduction and accreditation report and other materials, fully discussed in conjunction with the Standards, conducted an online vote on the conclusion recommendations. The experts at the meeting discussed the issues related to the new round of accreditation implementation plan in depth and put forward constructive guidance.

     At the end of the meeting, Professor Wang Weimin, director of WCAME thanked all the experts for their active participation in the online meeting and their support to the work of the secretariat of WCAME. At the same time, he reminded members and team chairs to strictly grasp the accreditation standards, standing in the overall point of view of the accreditation work.

     The whole meeting proceeded in an orderly manner and was successfully completed. The WCAME will continue to promote the accreditation work to a new level, improve the training quality of health workforce and promote the implementation of the Healthy China strategy.

Secretariat of Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education
September 20th, 2021