The 2021 Trainings for Assessors Held Successfully

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     2021 is the year of the full launch of the new round of the accreditation of medical education, which will follow the basic principles of "voluntary application, strict access, optimized process and sustainable development" to escort the improvement of the quality of medical personnel training. In order to further deepen the consensus and improve the level of accreditation experts, The WCAME organized a series of experts training from July to August 2021.

Pool wisdom, build consensus, leading a new round of accreditation

     On July 20, "seminar of the new round of accreditation of medical education" was successfully held in Chenzhou city, Hunan Province. More than 30 attendees from the team chairs of assessment teams and relevant schools attended the meeting.

     The meeting focused on the new round of accreditation implementation plan, accreditation core quality indicators, team chair’s responsibilities and accreditation report writing. The experts fully communicated and reached a high degree of consensus.

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Focus on the key links of teaching, use cases to understand standards in depth

     On July 28th, the special training for assessors was held in Beijing. More than 40 experts in educational administration and clinical teaching attended the conference.

     On the morning of 28th, Xie Ana, secretary general of WCAME, introduced the new round of accreditation implementation plan and accreditation process. Professor Lv Zhaofeng, former president of Capital Medical University, took the classic and integration of curriculum as the theme and sorted out the curriculum setting and requirements of the whole process of medical education. Professor Wang Weimin, director of WCAME, introduced the key points of the expert group in each link of accreditation, and discussed how to do a good job of accreditation experts.

     In the afternoon of 28th, the participating experts were divided into 4 groups, through reading the self-evaluation report of the simulation school, in-depth discussion of the connotation of the standards and the problems existing in the simulation school, and further clarify the work plan and key points of the site visit. The experts of each group discussed warmly, and each group made a speech to summarize the learning experience. Professor Yang Mianhua of Shantou university, Professor Fu Li of Capital Medical University, Professor Cao Depin of Harbin Medical University, Professor Jiang Guanchao of Peking University, Professor Zou Yang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Qing Ping of Sichuan University, Professor Yu Fang of Zhejiang university and Professor Xie Ana of Peking University, on behalf of the group, communicated the problems existing in the field of education programme, educational resources, assessment of students and programme evaluation .

Extensive exchanges, joint promotion, escort the quality of medical education

     On August 24th, due to the impact of COVID-19, the 2021 training for assessors held online. More than 140 medical education experts from all over the country attended the conference.

     At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Xie Ana, secretary general of WCAME, reviewed the development of accreditation of medical education in China, introduced the new round of accreditation implementation plan and accreditation process, and briefly showed the new version of the accreditation system to be launched.

     Later, Professor Wang Weimin, Director of WCAME, gave brief hints to the participating experts from the aspects of self-evaluation report reviewing, focus duing site visits, preliminary report and accreditation report writing, etc., centering on "how to do accreditation well by assessors".

      In the afternoon of 24th, the theme discussion session of the conference was divided into five topics to exchange and discuss the Accreditation Standards for Basic Medical Education in China(2016). Regarding the specific areas of the 2016 version of the Standards, professor Wang Weiping, former executive vice President of Fudan university, professor Yang Mianhua, former vice dean of Shantou University Medical College, professor Cao Depin, former vice President of Harbin medical university, professor Huang Gang, former president of Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, professor Jiang Guanchao, director of education department, Peking University People's Hospital respectively communicated and shared with the experts from understanding the 2016 version of the Standards, observation point during site visits and how to spot evidence-based, etc. After the keynote report, the speakers of each topic exchanged related issues and shared practical experience with the experts attending the conference.

     The 2021 trainings for assessors has laid a solid foundation for the future accreditation work. WCAME will continue to work with accreditation assessors to promote the reform and development of medical education, serve the construction of Healthy China strategy, and continuously improve our international influence.

Secretariat of Working Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Education
August 24th, 2021